{January 12, 2013}   Rodeo, chums, and Spider-Man

CallyAnn and I agreed it would be fun for Krissy and Vahaadi to go to a rodeo, so I dressed them up.  Also, Spider-Man, because I like him.



CallyAnn says:

I love Krissy’s pose and face in the leaning cowgirl sketch, she’s got the cowgirl swagger DOWN! She looks so cocky, haha. I love it. I like Vahaadi’s lasso pose! The pic of Krissy with her legs on his lap is so funny to me. It’s such a her thing to do, and it’s so HIM to be completely nonchalant about it. Personal space is a waste of space! The Spiderman pics are great. Who’s the girl in the corner? My absolute favorite pose in this whole post is Spark’s toe-grab pose. She’s adorable.

ArynChris says:

Why is it that I totally see Kristi and Vahaadi as the Lone Ranger and Tonto? Not quite like the original or like the new movie– no Lone Ranger motivation but “OMG that would be so FUN! And I’d strike a dramatic post and go riding into the sunset and NOBODY would know who it was but me, and I’d be FAMOUS for it and all the bad guys would be like ‘Oh no it’s the Lone Ranger!’ and I’d be like ‘Heck yes, and that means you’re about to have a really bad day!’ and–”

While Vahaadi quietly and ostentatiously set up a dominos-like (or Rube Goldberg-like) thing that would send all the bad guy’s stuff to pieces as soon as Kristi expertly lasso’d a lever and pulled.


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