{October 14, 2012}   Sketch blog update

More sketches 🙂

Sorry for the bad picture quality. My camera has been having some issues lately…

If I’m to use the comics as any reference, Aquamaid has an older sister, Marina aka Aquagirl.

There is a Batgirl sculpture exclusive that is really pretty but super expensive. Drawing it was as close as I’ll get to owning it.

revisiting old characters

I was trying to draw a couple that was in front of me at a coffee shop but Spark kept clamoring in my head “Are you really drawing those people sitting just a few feet away from you!? you’re SO obvious!” and I was so irritated with her that by the time I finished getting this out on paper they had already left.

Still trying to grasp learning how to draw like handwriting…

it’s HARD to draw with the ease with which you write >.<

Just a digital doodle of Armera/Aquamaid

Trying to get back into drawing Andrayia as CallyAnn and I prepare for our RP. I used a picture of Jennifer Lawrence for the one on the left, and so she looks a little… different than she normally does.

That looks more like her.

For some reason, I think of purple when I think of Andrayia, but she has hazel green eyes and never wears purple, so I don’t know why I think of that.


CallyAnn says:

I love the weight in Supergirl’s pose. It’s nice 😀 And I really like the shading of the Batgril pic. What is Aquagirl like? Kim Kardashian Shego oO Interesting… HAHA! Spark would. How funny. Is the girl in the handwriting drawing anyone in particular? She’s cute. I LOVE the pic of Vahaadi and Spark trying to read the map! Vahaadi would be horrible with maps. Well, you know, then again, maybe not…I mean, he can’t read, but he does have a photographic memory and a really good grasp of space. If he had someone explain what the words and symbols mean, (and assuming the map was well-made) he’d get it. The colors in the Armera pic are pretty, and I really like the pose of her far hand. It looks so natural. You’re still working with Gimp right?

Wow, Andrayia is so pretty! The purple pics are my favorite. Diva pout! So cute! This should be an interesting RP. I need to draw Took! Can you maybe draw more Lonja?

Yeah, I figure Supergirl is pretty heavy, 90% of that weight being bone and muscle. 🙂 Unlike with Spark, her superpowers amplify her muscles, it’s not like the strength just comes out of nowhere. No, the handwriting girl doodle is just a nameless face 0_0 it sounds so soulless when I say it like that. I think Vahaadi’d be pretty good at reading maps if he knew the area, but maybe here it’s a world neither of them recognize. Krissy’s mouth cracks me up. It’s so scribbly. Thanks for that about Armera’s hand! Yep, still using Gimp. So far it’s more than sufficed as a Photoshop substitute, but I only use it for basic things. I’m sure a photoshop pro would find things lacking.

Andrayia is pretty. 🙂 In her kingdom she’s considered rather ‘girl next door’ looking, nice but not exceptional, but I do think she’s lovely. YES I want to draw more Lonja! I need to show her minus the dark circles under her eyes and with her long hair and new dresses 😀 I am excited about the RP!!!

i forgot to answer what Aquagirl is like. She’s a thinker, quiet and sweet. She has telepathic communication with sea animals and she enjoys meeting new people. She spends a lot of time meditating and observing, and she has a special affinity for healing people. I think it’s safe to say that she took after her mother far more than Armera did. XD

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