{August 12, 2012}   Sketches and stuff

CallyAnn wanted me to upload the sketches in my book that I haven’t yet. Here you go.

Here is that Elastika drawing I told you about. 🙂

These poses were copied from some sketches of Ariel and Sebastian found in “The Official Little Mermaid Sketchbook”

I just really wanted to draw Van and Thystle again, and I figured it’d be nice for Amera to meet her 🙂

One of Rarity’s many infamous lines from “A Dog and Pony Show”

I guess Sweetie Belle is feeling down about something…

I was watching this silly anime called “Accel World” and the girl in it is so skinny that I just had to compare her next to Spark. I was trying to figure out why she looked so stickish and why Spark still has a lot of curves in spite of having no fat. Muscles and wide hips I guess.

That’s a line from a Jack Johnson song (which I think may have been sung originally by someone else…) humanized Rainbow Dash and Ariel

Korra already has a polar bear-dog, why not a giraffe-elephant?

A Spanish woman. I never finished this. I was just drawing things out of my imagination and stopped being inspired.

Victorique from the anime “Gosick.” Definitely one of my favorite animes. And the Allie from Hyperbole and a half.

A coworker gave me a pony named Dewdrop Dazzle (Basically a recolored Rarity). Here’s how I imagine her humanized.

Korra Spoiler!

I think it’s pretty obvious I forgot her wings and just tacked it on the side as an afterthought.

I wish I understood how to draw feet as well as I did hands…

I saw that woman in a magazine and tried to draw her to the best of my ability. When I started getting really fussy and unsatisfied I just drew My Little Elephants to cheer myself up.

Spark scooped up a civilian in danger who apparently is giving her quite a bit of grief. Then again, most people don’t like to be lifted twenty to fifty feet above ground held only by their ankles.

This was supposed to be Opal but when it turned out to look nothing like her I just stopped.

While visiting at my parents house it was hard to stay focused and find time to draw. Sat down and this just spilled out.

I had a Batman fan character named Pixie that I tried reworking, but this was as far as I got, haha.

Tabitha St Germain, the voice actress for Rarity, said that when she attends conventions she basically feels like it’s a bunch of college aged guys saying “Will you play ponies with me?” She said that she feels a bit nervous, trying to get into character without a script, so she basically runs through a little dialogue like this in her head before taking the stage at a panel or answering fans’ questions. I figured I may as well draw while I listened to her talk and would up illustrating this.

Another sketch off the top of myself just to keep myself drawing

Back to basicsssssss

Still trying to figure out how to do this

trying to learn how to write drawings

There’s something wrong with Twilight’s face here but it was a quickie sketch.


Rainbow DASH

Those EYES


CallyAnn says:

Augh I love it aaaaallllllllllllllllllll *hoard hoard hoard* Elastika looks so cool! She and Spark totally could be friends. haha, Viceroy kissies! *slow motion excited gasp* Thystle looks so good with Armera (Amera?) and Van! Man Armera is really tall! She looks so elegant and Thystle looks so sweet and earthy. Hopefully by this point she’s gotten over her love/hate thing for royals. Also; diggin’ Van’s duds. I love the Rarity sketches (and the Rarity imposter too; her pose is beautiful!) with my favorite by far being her little “I’ll not be rushed!” pose! x3 But my most most MOST favorite thing is Spark yelling upside down at whoever she just rescued! It reminds me of the time she saved Tryvnah and he was NOT thrilled. Even though she likely did save his life, it was hard for him to appreciate at the moment. heehee! I love your art so much and I want you keep posting all your stuff so I can glut myself on it forevvvveeerrrrrr WHOA, and hey now Spark, let’s not be dissing on anime alien girls. Have you seen the size of your OWN eyes? XD

Spark: WELL YEAH, but uh, THEY DON’T, I mean… *angry nonsensical muttering about how it isn’t the same*

XD She’s so silly. I’m glad you like it all YAY! Yes, Arrrrrrrrrmera, I can’t believe I didn’t spell her name right. D: I never realized until posting this how much I draw Rarity. There is more Rarity here than Celestia XD

Always keep prodding me to post this stuff since I forget, ok?

ArynChris says:

OMG Spark.
xD That pose and expression are just priceless. That’s just awesome. ❤

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