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{November 19, 2013}   Harpy Gee, Again!


I just really wanted to draw her. I love this character to pieces. I really, really wish she’d gotten her own series, she is just perfect.

{January 12, 2013}   Rodeo, chums, and Spider-Man

CallyAnn and I agreed it would be fun for Krissy and Vahaadi to go to a rodeo, so I dressed them up.  Also, Spider-Man, because I like him.


{December 25, 2012}   The Adventures of Harpy Gee!

Storyboard artist and character designer, as well as author and illustrator, Brianne Drouhard once tried to pitch her own show to producers about a little elf girl and her adventures.  The character was named Harpy Gee, and she would do anything to help out her community, from babysitting to dragon slaying.  I liked the look and attitude of Harpy Gee so much that I asked Brianne if I could draw her, and she said yes!  So here’s a little bit of fanart for Harpy, and of course, a meeting with Spark because I know my little spastic superheroine would just love her.


To see Brianne’s work, look here!




{October 14, 2012}   Sketch blog update

More sketches 🙂

Sorry for the bad picture quality. My camera has been having some issues lately…

If I’m to use the comics as any reference, Aquamaid has an older sister, Marina aka Aquagirl.

There is a Batgirl sculpture exclusive that is really pretty but super expensive. Drawing it was as close as I’ll get to owning it.

revisiting old characters

I was trying to draw a couple that was in front of me at a coffee shop but Spark kept clamoring in my head “Are you really drawing those people sitting just a few feet away from you!? you’re SO obvious!” and I was so irritated with her that by the time I finished getting this out on paper they had already left.

Still trying to grasp learning how to draw like handwriting…

it’s HARD to draw with the ease with which you write >.<

Just a digital doodle of Armera/Aquamaid

Trying to get back into drawing Andrayia as CallyAnn and I prepare for our RP. I used a picture of Jennifer Lawrence for the one on the left, and so she looks a little… different than she normally does.

That looks more like her.

For some reason, I think of purple when I think of Andrayia, but she has hazel green eyes and never wears purple, so I don’t know why I think of that.

{September 22, 2012}   Pen tool

Still trying to figure out the pen tool in Gimp.



So more sketches.  Lately I’ve been working overtime at work and coming home completely exhausted.  Cheuk works a different schedule every week, so time together isn’t guaranteed, making it difficult to know how to plan my evenings.  Still, I’ve been making myself draw every day.  The result is less than enjoyable, but at least it keeps my ‘skills’ alive, whatever skills I have.  Sorry for all the Korra cosplayer sketches in here.  A friend of a friend cosplayed as Korra and when I saw her photo album on facebook I got a tiny bit obsessed   She was just SO MUCH like Korra that I had to draw her.  That, and I got a white Princess Celestia from Toys R Us.  She sits by my computer and is so pretty I often wind up just drawing Princess Celestia.

Batgirl ❤ Her torso is off, but I'm too lazy to fix it.

I was hungry when I sat down to draw, so I’m pretty sure that’s why I drew a dragon. It didn’t look right though, so I decided to escape people examining it too closely by making it not alive

I’d miss plumbing and air conditioning, but I’d love to live in the jungle.

Best Princess.

I quite like both Cadance and Shining Armor. I’m excited to see more of them in Season 3.

I just needed to draw something and I was too tired to get up and sharpen my pencil. so here is this blurry sketch of… someone.

I’d probably benefit from actually drawing models in front of me, but for now the ones in my head will have to do.

Korra makes the BEST faces. I don’t really do them justice.

I drew the hand first, then realized a wing was the only thing thin enough to fit in the grasp of the fingers, so…there’s a bird.

See, this is what i mean. I sit, stare blankly at the paper, then glance to the side and see my Princess Celestia doll (can you call it a doll if it’s not humanoid?) and things like this show up on the page. She’s just SO pretty.

Initially, I was going to do a series of headshots of all my female characters, trying to illustrate the idea “There are lots of different ways to be a girl,” which was Lauren Faust’s initial premise when creating the personalities for the ponies. But… I never did any after this one Oh well, better that I started with Opal than Spark, given the overabundance of Spark in my sketchbooks.

Bloo, Mac, human Twilight Sparkle and Spike, in my style. I miss Foster’s so much. I’m actually looking forward to Craig and Lauren’s new show “Wander over Yonder” now that I found out Bloo’s voice actor, Keith Ferguson, will be in it. He is the most under-appreciated VA genius.

I was listening to a song that I thought Spark would want to dance to (unfortunately, I can’t remember what it was now…) but when her dance pose didn’t work out, this sufficed.

Her eyes are too big, like Disney proportions. DX

Sooo, yeah, this girl that cosplayed as Korra… oh and there was an Asami girl there that was pretty good too, but that Korra @__________@
Interestingly enough, her costume was one of the least accurate in the details compared to the other girls, but her POSE and her EXPRESSION were so Korra that she stole the show, completely.

See. I should probably move her off of my desk, so that I’m forced to be more creative. But, she’s so pretty.

I find myself revisiting the old comic book worlds that I used to mentally inhabit for the first time again since high school, really. I think it’s because while at my parents house at the beginning of the summer I found my old Harley Quinn and Batgirl dolls. Brought it all back, I guess.

Right. So, confession time. I have a new guilty pleasure: HBO’s animated series “The Ricky Gervais Show.”. I say guilty because the profanity in this show is horrendous. I mean, it’s gratuitous and awful. BUT, the show is hilarious. And on days when I really need a laugh, it always delivers. I’ll post a link below so that you get the idea.

This was the clip that the drawing is based on.


She *became* Korra. It was awesome. And actually looks nothing like her in real life. She had full body make up and everything in order to be the right skin tone.

I guess it’s love? I enjoy these two a lot, but I seem to have ADD when it comes to going into any detail. I get easily distracted and can’t seem to imagine what they do together or what they talk about. All I know is that they are happy.

Based on a song that is one of the most unbelievably beautiful tributes to come out of the brony community. I’ll post the link.


Okay, probably shouldn’t have used a pen for this. I definitely needed an eraser here…

Krissy turnaround sheet

The middle pose has wrong legs. She’d fall over like that.

Not like we didn’t have enough pictures of Spark, but she’s fun to draw.

That top one looks a little off… the bottom one is spot on, for better or worse, hahahah.

{August 12, 2012}   Sketches and stuff

CallyAnn wanted me to upload the sketches in my book that I haven’t yet. Here you go.

Here is that Elastika drawing I told you about. 🙂

These poses were copied from some sketches of Ariel and Sebastian found in “The Official Little Mermaid Sketchbook”

I just really wanted to draw Van and Thystle again, and I figured it’d be nice for Amera to meet her 🙂

One of Rarity’s many infamous lines from “A Dog and Pony Show”

I guess Sweetie Belle is feeling down about something…

I was watching this silly anime called “Accel World” and the girl in it is so skinny that I just had to compare her next to Spark. I was trying to figure out why she looked so stickish and why Spark still has a lot of curves in spite of having no fat. Muscles and wide hips I guess.

That’s a line from a Jack Johnson song (which I think may have been sung originally by someone else…) humanized Rainbow Dash and Ariel

Korra already has a polar bear-dog, why not a giraffe-elephant?

A Spanish woman. I never finished this. I was just drawing things out of my imagination and stopped being inspired.

Victorique from the anime “Gosick.” Definitely one of my favorite animes. And the Allie from Hyperbole and a half.

A coworker gave me a pony named Dewdrop Dazzle (Basically a recolored Rarity). Here’s how I imagine her humanized.

Korra Spoiler!

I think it’s pretty obvious I forgot her wings and just tacked it on the side as an afterthought.

I wish I understood how to draw feet as well as I did hands…

I saw that woman in a magazine and tried to draw her to the best of my ability. When I started getting really fussy and unsatisfied I just drew My Little Elephants to cheer myself up.

Spark scooped up a civilian in danger who apparently is giving her quite a bit of grief. Then again, most people don’t like to be lifted twenty to fifty feet above ground held only by their ankles.

This was supposed to be Opal but when it turned out to look nothing like her I just stopped.

While visiting at my parents house it was hard to stay focused and find time to draw. Sat down and this just spilled out.

I had a Batman fan character named Pixie that I tried reworking, but this was as far as I got, haha.

Tabitha St Germain, the voice actress for Rarity, said that when she attends conventions she basically feels like it’s a bunch of college aged guys saying “Will you play ponies with me?” She said that she feels a bit nervous, trying to get into character without a script, so she basically runs through a little dialogue like this in her head before taking the stage at a panel or answering fans’ questions. I figured I may as well draw while I listened to her talk and would up illustrating this.

Another sketch off the top of myself just to keep myself drawing

Back to basicsssssss

Still trying to figure out how to do this

trying to learn how to write drawings

There’s something wrong with Twilight’s face here but it was a quickie sketch.


Rainbow DASH

Those EYES

“The Spark and Vahaadi Diaries,” since clearly that’s all my brain wants to ever draw.  No, really, the truth is that I’m a bit fried, between moving, job searching, and visiting family/old friends and I just haven’t had a lot of time to draw.  Whenever that happens, my brain has two options: draw ponies or draw Spark and Vahaadi.  Inevitably, the latter usually wins.

I tried to draw him with more of CallyAnn’s proportions, and some realistic shading. I don’t know if this is a win or a fail or a “well you tried…” ARGH and I just realized I didn’t draw any necklaces on him! We can only speculate that he’s making that face because he’s trying to decide which ones to wear…

I wanted to redo the Kim Possible pose, using my style. Then, for whatever reason, I thought it should have a circus poster background, which can be found here:

…The two most unlikely best friends ever. ~<3

{July 22, 2012}   Kim Possible style!

Given that I actually modeled Spark’s bangs off of KP, this fits pretty well.  I drew Krissy too since it seemed silly NOT to draw Spark in her High School version.

I did a sloppy job on this, but I’m tired so this is as good as it’s going to be.

et cetera